Nimitz student arrested for gun on campus

HOUSTON We are told by an Aldine ISD spokesperson that all of the district's metal detectors are being checked. We are also told by an administrator that the student claimed he got the gun past the devices, but there is also the possibility that one might walk around metal detectors in the midst of a large crowd. It is raising a security concern here.

Inside the front and back entrances of Nimitz High School are metal detectors, five of them in all plus wands. Despite that, an administrator was told Thursday a student had a gun. Javon Kent, 17, is now in Harris County jail, charged with carrying a prohibited weapon on campus.

Aldine administrators say it was an unloaded automatic weapon, but claimed bullets were found separately. The question the district is trying to answer is how could a gun make it past the metal detectors?

Parents at Nimitz wonder the same.

"I just went through one and I had to empty everything in my purse, so how a parent has to empty everything and the children don't have to empty everything, well, what is happening?" asked parent Lynette Shipman.

We talked to a metal detector supplier who said it's usually not equipment failure, rather operator error when sensitivity settings aren't properly adjusted.

"That process involves not only the settings on the metal detector, but it involves the actual process they use to examine people in looking for weapons," said Billy Kasselman of Alexander Enterprises.

On Friday, Aldine ISD issued a statement which read, "This was an isolated incident. Aldine ISD will continue to do everything in its power to ensure the safety and security of its students and staff."

As far as Kent's future here at Nimitz is concerned, the next step is an expulsion hearing. He is also due in court next week. He is being held on a $5,000 bond.

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