Mourners turn out to remember slain doctor

HOUSTON The funeral was only open for Dr. Gonzalez's closest friends and family. Many, as you can imagine, are still coping with the loss.

Right now, two suspects in the doctor's murder are in custody, while a third is on the loose.

Dr. Gonzalez was ambushed at his ranch in Bellville last weekend, gunned to death, while his young pregnant wife and toddler were there. On Friday, authorities announced the arrest of two suspects, Cristobal Galvan Cerna,, 23, and his younger brother Moises Galvan Cerna,, 18.

Investigators say they along with, Misael Santollo, 18, who's still on the run, were the masked men who murdered the doctor. Santollo, is the cousin of Dr. Gonzalez's ranch hand, who was also shot during the break-in.

At Saturday's funeral service, several colleagues of Dr. Gonzalez reacted to the news of the arrest as well as shared stories about the doctor.

"Everyone knows Dr. Gonzalez. He was always in a good mood and helping you go in the morning. Dr. Gonzalez would see you, go in at midnight, he was there, he was a very dedicated doctor," said Carlos Romero, an MD friend.

A co-worker, Louise Kiang, said, "I'm glad that they have suspects and I just cannot believe anyone would do something like that to such a nice man."

One man says Dr. Gonzalez saved his life after cardiac arrest three years ago.

"He's the best of the best. He was the best at what he did. I know God had him there for a reason to save my life because he was the best," said Randall Zimmerman.

We are told hundreds came out to pay their respects at the funeral Saturday.

The Cerna brothers are currently being held in the Austin County jail for murder. Santollo, who drives a red Honda Civic, is believed to be in the Houston area. If you've seen him, call Crime Stoppers at 713 222-TIPS.

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