How to get the latest fall fashions for less

HOUSTON The latest fall fashions are starting to hit the stores, but you don't have to pay a lot to get the same look.

The concept is simple. Grab a couple of fashion magazines and select the looks you like, but instead of heading to those high-priced boutiques featured in the magazines, hit the discount stores. You'll find the exact same looks for a lot less money.

Plaid tops, boots with buckles and bomber jackets are just a few trendy items that are all the rage this fall.

Marjorie Kovacevich considers herself a real fashionista.

"I like looking through the magazines and seeing what's in style," she said.

But instead of spending thousands on the designer looks, Kovacevich copies the same "it" look in magazines by shopping at discount stores.

"You can also pair something that you have that might be higher end with the less expensive item and kind of pull off the same look that was all couture," Kovacevich said.

Image consultant Cathy Fitzpatrick says adding trendy pieces to your wardrobe is fun, but she says, "You don't want to spend tons of your dollars on that."

So just pick a few! In the September issue of Vogue, Kovacevich likes the look of a pair of Ralph Lauren boots, but they're $900!

Instead, she found a similar pair at Target for $29.99.

In Lucky, they feature the fall trend of pairing a cropped bomber jacket with a flowy dress. One look retails for almost $500, but we found the same look at Marshall's for under $60!

"You can get the comparison of the higher end and you can get that look for a lot less, and it looks fabulous," Fitzpatrick said.

Belted silky blouses with a pencil skirt is "in," but one designer look costs hundreds of dollars. At Marshall's we found the same look for only $35 --- that's for the entire outfit!

A shift dress layered with a turtleneck is a style that's straight off the runway, but comes at a price of $600, but we found the same look at Target for $65.

"This is a great look," Kovacevich said. "This is a jumper that is going to be big for the season."

Fitzpatrick says plaid is huge this fall, but rather than pair it with jeans, a black skirt and a white tee can polish the look. A runway outfit retails for $700, but the same look at Marshall's is around $50.

"One of the more popular looks this season is the boyfriend jacket," Fitzpatrick said.

A good rule of thumb is that each of your outfits should contain one or two trendy pieces but no more. Otherwise, you may go from fashionista to fashion victim.

"Less is more," Kovacevich said. "Basic building wardrobe first, adding a touch of magic second, always."

Fitzpatrick says basics like black pants, a crisp white shirt and a little black dress never go out of style, so be sure to invest a little more in those wardrobe staples.

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