Retaliation against former firefighter?

TEXAS CITY, TX The firefighter and her husband, a police officer, were charged for illegally dumping items right here, but both claim it's untrue and that this fight is about much more.

"Initially this was my problem," said former Texas City Fire Marshal Kelly Alcocer.

Last month, Kelly spoke out against the Texas City Fire Department on allegations of harassment and discrimination.

"I did not know they would drag my husband into this," said Kelly.

Her husband, a seven-year Texas City police veteran, was slapped with an arrest warrant this week. It happened less than four weeks after Kelly made her allegations.

"I knew there would be retaliation, but I did not know it would be to this extent," said Kelly.

Ismael Alcocer is charged with illegal dumping for leaving an evicted tenant's unclaimed furniture and bags of clothes here on their property in June.

"There's nothing illegal or any dumping taking place," said State Representative Harold Dutton, who is also the Alcocer's attorney. "It's blatant retaliation for Kelly having filed a complaint."

Texas City police declined comment on accusations of retaliation, citing ongoing personnel investigations. In a statement, they did say the Alcocers dumped "substantial amounts of debris" that warranted a "criminal investigation."

However, KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy told us there is nothing criminal about what the Alcocers did.

"This case reeks of something other than criminal violations. It reeks of departmental issues," said Androphy.

Ismael will attend a hearing next Monday to learn whether or not he'll be suspended or fired from the force. If he is charged with this Class A Misdemeanor, he can never work as a police officer again.

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