Abandoned house worries neighbors

KINGWOOD, TX A house on Tinechester Drive in Kingwood has fallen into disrepair since its owner died in February 2007.

Next door neighbor Latifee Wakim said, "There was a lot of teenagers that were coming and smoking here. They tried to break into our house. They broke our fence several times. They stole a few things from our backyard."

Wakim says none of her neighbor's family or heirs has come by in years.

"The house, it cannot be like this," she said. "All the neighbors are up in arms."

"We've heard gunshots coming from the home," said neighbor Katherine Bolton. "This is a decent neighborhood in Kingwood and this is making it like the ghetto."

The Kingwood Management Association tells Eyewitness News it has long since turned over the case to the Houston Police Department neighborhood protection. Neighborhood protection said on the phone that the city is now doing a title search for the heirs. From there, the city will hold a public hearing and the house may end up being demolished.

But it's been a frustrating two and a half years for the neighbors in Sherwood Trails Subdivision, and they're impatient for something to be done.

Neighbor Kelli Geiger said, "(My kids) are not allowed to ride their bikes in the street alone and I don't want them down here."

Neighborhood protection officials say they work in groups of 200 properties at a time, and they couldn't give a timeline on when this particular property may be resolved. This house has gotten citations earlier this year for dangerous building violations.

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