Police bust suspected major crime ring

HOUSTON Investigators say months of hard work has paid off by shutting down what they are calling an organized crime ring. Authorities say it is all part of a very large crime spree.

It was an investigation that took six months and landed four suspects behind bars. All of them are charged with engaging in organized crime and they are accused of committing more than 100 car burglaries, leaving folks like Dan Dever in the hole for $3,000.

"I had compression screw guns, nail guns, shop saws, you name it," said Dever.

Tha'ts only half of what authorities say they have recovered.

"Mostly electronic items," said Lt. Ronnie Glaze of the Precinct 4 Constables Office.

They found more than $25,000 in stolen goods, everything from GPS devices and television sets to microwave ovens. Authorities also recovered thousands of dollars in cash, along with drugs and paraphernalia.

"Most of the property was either being pawned or sold outright to individuals and they were using that to buy the drugs," said Lt. Glaze.

Authorities arrested three of the suspects at this home early Tuesday morning after getting a tip from one of the victims. A fourth suspect was arrested at a different location. We are told all of them have admitted involvement in the crime.

In the Bridgestone subdivision where 50 cars were broken into in one day, neighbors were more than elated to hear about the arrests.

"I feel a lot better that they finally caught them," said resident Marcus Kaminski.

Dever is ready to move on.

"I think they deserve everything they get. I'm tired of this. We work hard for our living and it gets frustrating," he said.

Police believe a fifth person was also involved and they are looking to arrest that person soon.

If you are looking to claim some of your property which was stolen, you're asked to call the Harris County Precinct 4 Constables Office at 281-376-3472.

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