Diva exchange parties becoming popular

HOUSTON On Monday, we told you about a moms group that regularly holds a swap meet to buy, sell and trade their kids used stuff, but the trend isn't just for moms.

They are called "diva exchange" parties. It's where a group of women get together to swap clothes, shoes and accessories. The idea is to get something that's new to you without spending a dime.

Jackets, jewelry, and boots are all up for grabs for free at this diva exchange party. Self-proclaimed diva, Marian Bell, dresses like a princess, but thinks like a pauper.

"Diva parties are actually the ultimate in recycling, going green, networking and having a good time," said Bell.

Each woman invited to the party brings items from her closet that she is willing to give it up. It could be five items or it could be 50.

"Really as long as it is not something that you would throw away in a trash can or has holes in it, bring it to the diva party," said Bell.

After everyone arrives, it's time to shop. Some ladies may find just one thing, others may leave with a bundle.

"Sometimes I'll have people that bring 32 or 36 items and go home with one," said Bell.

There are no rules and no money is exchanged. It's simply a swap.

"I was not sure about this whole thing and to me it made a big difference where I know where the clothes are coming from and who had them and I can meet the people who wore them before," said Marlena Burger.

Burger is a diva exchange regular. She found a pair of lime green shoes at the last party. She says it was a wardrobe risk she was willing to take because they were free.

"I tried them on and I am so glad I did because now they are mine," said Burger.

If you're interested in setting up your own swap, Bell offers these tips:

  • Invite at least 20 women. If need be, tell your friends to invite their friends.
  • Invite women of various sizes, with different tastes and style.
  • Start and end the party on time.
  • Finally, don't get discouraged if you aren't crazy about what you got. Just bring it back to the swap next time.

If you are interested in attending Marian Bell's diva exchange party, we have a link to her website here. There is no charge to attend, but Bell appreciates a $20 donation that goes to local charities.

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