Victimized couple moves out of home

HOUSTON Three months ago, the elderly couple was robbed in the driveway of their own home. After decades in that same home, the crime contributed to their decision to move on.

Ralph Mills remembers that May night well.

"I got out and was walking towards Louise and that's when the two guys came running down. One grabbed me and one grabbed her," said Ralph.

He was returning with his wife Louise from their weekly trip to the pizza shop when two masked men with their getaway driver attacked them in the driveway of their home, stealing his wallet and cell phone, and the pizza.

"Louise was yelling loud enough to be heard on Main Street," said Ralph.

Rightfully so, the crime left her with a painful broken hip. After weeks of surgery and rehab at the hospital, Louise could finally come home. However, she would not go back to the scene of the crime, their home of 45 years.

"Louise was right. She said, 'I just won't feel comfortable and safe if I come back to 1850 Norfolk,'" said Ralph.

The two sold their home and have moved to assisted living where they can get help moving around and they don't have to make any more pizza runs after dark.

"We have cable, it's nice, and we get three meals a day," said Ralph.

However, it's unfortunate how their sense of security changed.

"It's obvious they were a very sorry group of three people thinking life was meant for them to rob and cheat," said Ralph.

He says while they are settling into their new home just find, he doesn't hesitate when asked where those three accused thieves should be.

"They ought to be in jail or prison for a long time," Ralph said.

The Mills say while they miss their old neighbors, who helped police nab the accused thieves, the move allows them to be even closer to their children and grandchildren.

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