Photos released in doctor's killing

BELLVILLE, TX Investigators are still tracking down leads, trying to locate those who ambushed the Gonzalez family on Saturday. They are working around the clock but they say so far no leads have panned out.

Responding deputies caught some pictures of vehicles driven by suspects in the murder of Dr. Jorge Gonzalez. The white truck and red sedan sped from the scene, someone in the white truck opening fire on an officer as they fled. Once deputies arrived, they found Dr. Gonzalez dead and his ranch hand shot. Authorities now say three, possibly four men, ambushed the men, Dr. Gonzalez's wife and his two-year-old son as the group arrived at the ranch near Bellville around noon on Saturday. DPS investigators say the group was, in fact, attacked outside the home as they arrived, contrary to what authorities said this weekend, when they said the group was ambushed in a home invasion.

Investigators say they have now interviewed the other man who was shot.

Texas Ranger Adolphus Pressey said, "He gave a statement. We are analyzing the statement to make sure it goes in line with what we observed at the crime scene."

Today at the Gonzalez home in Bellaire, flowers and wishes of condolence adorn the front doorstep. The 56-year-old Gonzalez was the chief of critical care at Methodist Hospital.

"He never walked around the hospital without a smile on his face," recalled Dr. Jeffrey Kalina. "He always cheered up a room when he walked into the room. His patients adored him and the medical staff truly respected and adored him."

Dr. Kalina worked closely with Dr. Gonzales for the last eight years. He says this loss is tragic. A short ceremony was held at the hospital chapel Monday morning for the gifted pulmonary specialist.

"No one could ever imagine the hospital without Dr. Mario Gonzalez here," Dr. Kalina said. "So I think that, for us, it's going to take us quite a while to recover from this and see how we pick up from here. But it's going to be an extended grief period, I can tell you that."

There is a $3,500 reward offered for information leading to arrests and convictions in this case. If you have information that can help authorities, you're urged to contact the Austin County Crime Stoppers at 979-865-2949. The suspects are only vaguely described by authorities as Hispanic men in their 20s, but they are believed to be driving the vehicles spotted at the scene.

If authorities have established a motive in this case, they're not saying anything for now.

Making the situation even more tragic, we've learned that Dr. Gonzalez's widow is pregnant.

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