Gas leak affecting Ft. Bend residents

HOUSTON This well near the Pecan Grove subdivision has and been "blowing and going" as they say for four days. What's spewing from there has nearby homeowners worried, despite promises from authorities that there is no danger.

For days now, the sound has been constant.

"Well, I wish that they would get it taken care of," said Teri Sammons.

The only thing changing is the intensity.

"A horrendous jet noise. 24 hours a day. And it's really bad at night. I have problems sleeping. Just a constant noise," said Mike Meyer.

Eyewitnesses have been calling our newsroom commenting about the gas well leak near Highway 90 and Pitts Road, spewing something at least 100 feet in the air. The well is located about 1,000 yards east of Pecan Grove Plantation.

"What are we breathing? Is it safe? Will there be medical concerns down the road? I think that's the biggest thing to look at," said Christina Meyer.

The leak has left an oily yet crusty film on vehicles, homes, even yards.

"Everything has got an oily slick feel to it. It's been a bad smell the last couple days," Mike Meyer.

County leaders and officials with Louisiana Gas Development Corporation say there is no immediate danger here.

"The good news is that there has been no natural gas detected beyond the immediate area of the well, and certainly nothing to threaten the neighborhood nearby," said Gretchen Weis of Louisiana Gas Development Corp.

The Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department handed out a flyer to homeowners, suggesting that people stay inside as much as possible and that they bring in pets. Special equipment has been placed at strategic locations away from the well and near the subdivision's east boundary in order to best monitor air quality.

Authorities remind us that this is something you cannot just shut down by turning a knob somewhere. They're bringing in two massive cranes to try and get this leak capped, and they're hoping to have that done by Sunday.

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