Family sickened by carbon monoxide

HOUSTON Two women and four children were brought here to Memorial Hermann Hospital for treatment. Now they are coping with the shocking death of their husband and father.

This is the painful agony of a mother, moments after learning her 26-year-old son died accidentally of carbon monoxide poisoning. Family and friends were stunned and rushed to Damian Scott's house to find out what happened.

Authorities say around 4:30am Friday morning, Damian told his wife he was going to watch DVDs in his car which was parked in the garage at their home on Inwood Hollow Lane near Houston-Rosslyn. It was something he would often do.

"This was his routine, where sometimes in the middle of the night he'd get up and go watch DVD movies," said JC Barnaby, an HPD Investigator.

Hours later, his wife Latrice, 22, woke up to find her husband slumped over in his car. It was still running and the garage door was closed.

"She became overwhelmed with fumes of carbon monoxide inside the garage and she was found passed out there," said Barnaby.

Officials don't know how long the car was running. The carbon monoxide levels were said to be "very elevated."

The carbon monoxide that filled the garage also leaked into the house, where the couple's four children were sleeping, along with another adult believed to be an aunt. EMS pulled the women and children out of the home.

"They were just bringing them out and kept finding more every time they went in," said Alan Fravala.

Fravala tried to save Damian's life.

"I was doing CPR on one of the gentlemen on the ground outside," said Fravala.

After administering CPR for more than a half hour, emergency crews pronounced Damian dead.

Houston firefighters used a pressure fan to clear out the air at the home and a neighbor's home as well.

His family is still numb with disbelief.

"I talked to Damian last night at about 8:30pm. He said, 'Uncle Terry, stay outta trouble.' And I said, 'God bless you,'" said Damian's uncle.

The children, all under age 10, have been treated in the hyperbaric chamber at Hermann Memorial Hospital to clear their bodies of the carbon monoxide. They are now said to be in good condition.

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