Ex-FedEx employees accused of stealing laptops

HOUSTON The two FedEx freight employees in question were fired and have since been charged with felony theft. Two of their colleagues discovered the shortage of computers. When they went back to look at surveillance video, court documents show they were shocked by what they had seen.

Houston police say John Edward Scott, 39, a FedEx freight driver, and Kermit Andre Morgan, 35, a supervisor, are accused of stealing more than $67,000 worth of laptop computers from its northeast side facility, which has since been shut down.

The shipment, police say, was supposed to be delivered to a Conn's warehouse on the east side.

"There was actually some video surveillance of Mr. Morgan walking into the video control room," said Harris County Assistant DA Donna Hawkins. "The cameras that filmed the loading dock were turned off for approximately 20 minutes."

According to the criminal complaint-, "Witnesses stated during the 20 minute lapse, the laptops went missing from the dock area."

"There is evidence that Mr. Scott had actually loaded the laptop computers, the 75 laptops on his truck, while the cameras were disabled," said Hawkins.

According to court documents, "Witnesses stated the delivery report showed Scott took an hour and 40 minutes and drove more than 30 miles to his first stop that was approximately 12 miles away."

Scott was unavailable for comment. Morgan answered the door when we came knocking, but declined to answer our questions.

"Do you have anything you want to say about it?" we asked him.

"Oh, no. Nothing at all," said Morgan. "That's my attorney right there."

Investigators say Scott admitted that he and Morgan worked together to steal the laptops. Court papers show, "He delivered the laptops to an individual and sold the entire load for $150 each…met Morgan…stating he paid Morgan…$75 for each laptop."

FedEx released a statement to us. It says "FedEx conducts itself according to a strict code of business ethics and holds its employees to the same high standards. Matters concerning employees or former employees of FedEx are considered confidential and we do not discuss them."

Scott's attorney declined to comment on the specifics of the case. Morgan's attorney did not return our phone call.

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