Convicted man weeps on stand for leniency

HOUSTON Wilson, 72, told the same jury that convicted him yesterday that he is remorseful for what he did. Wilson, a former manager with Aramark, wept on the stand as he answered questions about his two previous alcohol-related convictions, one of them for DWI the other for public intoxication.

He expressed regret for what happened the night he drove drunk in August 2008, hitting and killing 42-year-old TxDOT employee David Hall.

Wilson testified that he is haunted by what he did saying, "If I was in the military and I shot someone, I could live with it. I can't live with this."

Wilson also testified his drinking began when his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died in 1995. His lawyers are trying to demonstrate that he would not be a threat to the public if he received probation. And under the terms of that probation, he would not drink alcohol or drive.

On the night of the crash, Wilson drank alcohol at Minute Maid Park, where he worked. Minute Maid Park and Aramark are now working on a settlement with the TABC. Those penalties could include a suspension of the park's liquor license and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

The jury heard closing arguments and shortly before 4pm they sentenced Wilson to 15 years in prison and a $10,000.

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