Man charged with murder appears in court

HOUSTON Leroy Lewis, 32, says he shot the teenager after he was threatened, but deputies say that story isn't adding up.

Lewis was charged with murder Monday evening. Apparently, his claim that he was just protecting his stepdaughter got shaky when he told investigators about the seconds before the fatal shooting in Humble.

The deadly shooting happened around 4pm Monday. Lewis says he was only protecting his stepdaughter and shot 19-year-old Kedrick Money in self-defense. Authorities say the victim was reportedly arguing with his 18-year-old girlfriend, with whom he has a one-month-old baby.

Lewis is the young woman's stepfather and witnesses say he asked Money to leave a number of times and ultimately shot him because he would not leave the house. Deputy constables say Lewis shot Money three times, kiling him. Authorities say the shooting wasn't justified because Money did not pose an imminent threat.

Lewis is being held at the Harris County jail without bond. He faces a judge again tomorrow.

Money's family members joined hands in prayer Monday night. Their words of peace were just steps from where tempers flared earlier after reality sunk in.

"It's difficult to get here and to see somebody that you were with last night lying in the street like that," said James Hargrove, the victim's stepfather.

"Originally, on the surface, it may have been protection of a third person. After statements of witnesses and his statement, there was indication that was not the case," said Sgt. Larry Davis of the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Physical violence was out of his character, according to Hargrove.

"I have never seen him do it. I'm not saying that he didn't, but he never displayed it around me," he said.

Investigators said they found no evidence either of physical abuse. In fact, they believe there the shooter and his stepdaughter had a chance to just walk away.

"He heard the altercation, he walked outside evidently with a weapon. At some point during that altercation, he interceded, he walked inside the house, then walked back out. The argument continued, he went back inside the house, got the weapon and shot the victim," said Sgt. Davis.

Investigators told us they have not been to the house in the past for domestic abuse.

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