Wide screen TV for only $9.99?

HOUSTON Best Buy shoppers online were buying 52-inch flat screens by the dozens after noticing the price was cut to just $10.

Jessica Hill got a phone call at 5:50am Wednesday, telling her there was a deal on TVs at BestBuy.com

"We ran to the Internet and ordered the TVs," she said.

Jessica bought six of the 52-inch Samsung LCD flat screen TVs.

"So how much did it cost you for six TVs?" we asked.

"One hundred and forty dollars," she replied. "With shipping and handling and everything."

"Too good to be true?" we asked.

"Yes, it was," she said. "I think somebody typed in the wrong price."

The TV is now sold out. Samsung doesn't even make it anymore. At a regular price of $1,699, Best Buy says despite a confirmation number, Jessica won't be getting $1689 off.

Best Buy's corporate offices would not let us into any local stores to show you the 52-inch TV in question, but the company did issue a statement.

It reads, "There was an online pricing error on a 52-inch Samsung television this morning. We have corrected the issue and apologize for the confusion this may have caused. We will not be honoring the incorrect price and again apologize for the mistake."

"Do you think Best Buy should honor it?" we asked Jessica. "I think they should. It was on their website," she said. "If I went into the retail store and something was marked wrong, they would have sold it for that price."

But Best Buy points to its online policy, which it also sent to us. It forgives it any pricing mistakes, and that any money charged for the undervalued TVs will be refunded and the corresponding orders cancelled.

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