Accused carjacking killer arrested in Mexico

HOUSTON The murder suspect in this case, /*Timoteo Rios*/, was arrested by the FBI in a small town outside of Mexico City yesterday.

The crime itself was caught on tape by a surveillance camera at a Cricket store on Uvalde. Law enforcement believes it was Rios who stabbed Tina Davila outside the store as she tried to keep him from taking her SUV, which had her youngest child, a four-month-old baby girl, inside. The 39-year-old mother left behind five children altogether.

The crime happened back in April of 2008, and investigators have been trying to find Rios ever since. They did catch Kennedy Escoto. He was arrested and put behind bars for driving the getaway car in this case, but authorities have long believed Rios ran to Mexico, and that is where they finally found him.

Law enforcement says the two are actually connected to other crimes, including stealing beer at a convenience store in Channelview earlier in the day before Davila was murdered.

The U.S. Marshal's Office is working to bring back Rios, as well as an uncle of his accused of a Harris County murder, who was also arrested yesterday.

We'll continue to follow this developing story and post the latest details here on and will have full coverage on ABC13 Eyewitness News.

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