See snow in downtown Houston!

HOUSTON The snow is part of Disney's "A Christmas Carol" train tour, which rolled into town on Monday to get people hyped for a classic Christmas movie done in a very new way.

The Amtrak train pulled into downtown Houston on Monday afternoon, bringing with it a taste of Christmas in August.

"What we have here is a behind the scenes look at how 'A Christmas Carol' was made," Disney tour spokeswoman Nicole Ravelli said.

Disney's "A Christmas Carol" train tour is making stop number 19 on a 40-city tour to promote the movie, which opens November 6. Inside the train visitors can get a glimpse of the motion-capture technology that allows star Jim Carrey to play Ebenezer Scrooge in four stages of his life, as well as the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future.

"For the actors, they like doing this because it's really acting in its rawest state," Ravelli said. "They're not going through a makeup process or a lighting process. It's really just based on their skills."

But it's not just about technology. Some of the train cars are decked out like a 19th century Christmas, even down to the lamps, flickering like the old gas lamps of the era. And, the display houses some artifacts from the author Charles Dickens himself, like letters he wrote and original editions of books he authored.

The point is to have something for the whole family.

"Why not Christmas in August?" Ravelli said. "It's going to be free and it's fun and it's perfect for the whole family."

For more information about the "A Christmas Carol" train, click here.

Disney is the parent company of ABC13.

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