Houstonians praise Sotomayor's confirmation

HOUSTON Sotomayor watched the vote in a downtown New York hotel and cheers erupted when she walked outside. Many folks in Houston reacted the same way when they heard of the confirmation.

The confirmation didn't sit well for everyone in our community, but for one group of woman, and some men, there was plenty to celebrate.

In a packed downtown club Thursday night, there was one group of women celebrating more than any other. With gavels in hand and calling themselves, the 'Wise Latinas,' they made their support known for the newest member of the Supreme Court.

"We know when women are elected or appointed, they bring real world issues and that's what it's about here," said Lisa Hernandez of the Wise Latinas.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation was historic as she became the first Hispanic ever to serve on the Supreme Court.

It was a landmark that the National Vice President of Lulac for the Southwest says she had doubted she would see in her life.

"This is something that doesn't happen every day and so I'm really proud for my community and the rest of the world," said Sylvia Gonzalez.

The confirmation is also one which hits close to home for County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia. At a party in honor of Sotomayor, the former judge herself speaks about the impact it has had on one of her sisters

"My oldest sister, when she talks about it, because she's not a lawyer, she's just a Hispanic woman just happy to see someone who looks like her on the Supreme Court," said Commissioner Garcia.

For others, that's a very good beginning.

"Somebody has to make a mark and from that point you build and that's what this is. It's a mark in history today," said Ana Fox of the Wise Latinas.

The group Wise Latinas is an ad hoc group mainly on Facebook who say they are a bi-partisan collection of people looking to support more women on the Supreme Court.

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