Firefighter returns to the fire house

HOUSTON Firefighter Thomas Shuster got out of the hospital this week. He wanted to get back to his fire house just about as quickly as he could.

For two months, Shuster has worked towards this.

"To come back and see everyone here waiting for me, it means a lot," said Shuster.

He's living a different life now.

"It's a life-changing experience," said Shuster.

Where baby steps lead to monumental moments.

"There's no reason to be mad, it won't be me anywhere, all that anger gets transformed into energy to accomplish my goals," said Shuster.

The Cy-Fair volunteer firefighter lost both legs in a June 1 accident after a car lost control and crashed into the truck he was loading outside an auto parts store.

"He broke my pelvis in three spots. I've got a lot of Home Depot hardware in me at the moment," said Shuster.

Through dozens of injuries he has kept his sense of humor. It was two weeks after the accident when he woke up and Dawn Conley was by his side.

"The night of his accident I was going to ask him if he wanted to be my boyfriend, but he never came home," said Conley.

When she asked him in the hospital, he said yes.

"He has the community, his family, me, god and everybody is helping him along, he's not going to fall, he is so strong," said Conley.

While there are obviously tough times, Shuster's strength and attitude is an inspiration to them all.

"I've come from laying in a hospital bed not knowing whether I was ever going to be here again, to sitting here in a place I never thought I'd see again," said Shuster.

While just being here at Station 8 is a big step in the road ahead, he says the day will come when he will walk through this door.

"I'm back. I'm not leaving. They can't get rid of me that," he said, smiling.

Shuster says as soon as his injuries are healed enough he will be fitted with two prosthetic legs. He plans to continue his work with the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department in whatever capacity he can.

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