Montrose violent robbery victim speaks

HOUSTON Around 2am Thursday morning, Dan Stepp was staring down several barrels.

"I thought (my life) was over," said Stepp.

Stepp had gone outside his Montrose four-plex to get something out of his truck. He took some trash from the flatbed to a trashcan across the street, when he was suddenly no longer alone.

"There were five guys in the car and four jumped out and one jumped back in and they had guns. They said, 'Stay down. Give me your money.' Then they saw I had an ATM card and they wanted me to take them to get money and I didn't want to go," said Stepp.

He struggled and was struck in the face with a gun.

"One guy said, 'Go ahead and shoot him. Let's get out of here. He's already seen us,'" said Stepp.

That put Stepp into overdrive. He was shot in the back as he ran, luckily only with plastic pellets.

The injury to his face is more serious, as his cheek bone is fractured. His wallet and cell phone were both taken. Adding insult to injury, he says the robbers started making calls. He even got a text message on his replacement cell that read, 'Pick up the phone.'

The point not lost on him though is that he's alive, and he doesn't plan to be outside alone after dark.

"I'll be looking out. All my neighbors heard it. It was only a matter of seconds before they came out. I'll be protecting myself," said Stepp.

The robbers were mistaken about one thing though, Stepp didn't get a good look at their faces nor the getaway car. The five robbers are still at large.

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