CEO of plant being searched responds

HOUSTON The search at the CES Environmental Services plant on Griggs resumed today at 8am. It was delayed yesterday because of extreme heat and a fire that broke out on at the facility during the search. A simultaneous search is going on at the company's Port Arthur facility.

Today, local and federal authorities are going through the Houston CES facility looking for paperwork. We're told they could leave with between 60 and 80 boxes. According to HPD, they're collecting papers every minute.

Investigators at the company's Port Arthur facility are taking chemical samples. It's still unclear exactly what authorities are looking for in this coordinated search, but we are learning more about why the chemical sampling is being done.

"Our EPA team will get in there and actually take samples from the different containers, boxes, things of that nature that they have concerns about that aren't within the parameters of the permits here," said Stephen Dicker with the Houston Police Department.

We also spoke with Greg Bowman, the president of CES, who said, "Do I think they'll find something that we've done is illegal or improper? No, I don't think so."

He went on to say, "I am not at all concerned that they're going to find anything that would cause it to be shut down."

When asked about the fire that broke out at the facility yesterday, he said, "They were responsible for the fire. They were in control of the site. Had we been in control, it never would have happened."

For now, it looks like the plant will be closed at least the rest of the week.

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