Police investigate gruesome murder

HOUSTON Police say Lewis Holiday, 41, was found dead in his home on Hirondel near Southbank by his girlfriend late last night. They say he was struck in the head several times with an axe.

Among those being questioned is Holiday's roommate. We're told the roommate is a known drug user. Family members say Holiday took the man in and had gotten him a construction job.

Authorities say Holiday dropped off his girlfriend at her job at the Galleria around 6:30pm yesterday, but failed to pick her up at 10pm. She tried to reach him on his cell phone and then tried his roommate, who reportedly told her he had not seen the victim.

That's when she apparently called her parents to pick her up. They dropped her off at the victim's home and watched her walk inside, only to hear her come out moments later screaming.

Relatives of the victim arrived to the crime scene Monday very emotional, saying Holiday was a good man.

"I wish they would put more value on life," said the victim's mother, Florida Island. "How would they like it if they lost somebody, took their child's life? My son had sons that need him, children that need him."

Holiday had a daughter born just this morning, according to his mother.

Police are calling the 41-year-old's murder one of the most bizarre cases that they've seen. His family told authorities that he was apparently killed over $500.

Police picked up the roommate at the nearby Hideaway Motel. Investigators also have some friends that weren't in the home at the time of the murder, but may know something about events leading up to the killing.

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