Job fair draws thousands of hopefuls

HOUSTON By 11am, an estimated 2,000 have arrived for the job fair. The lines are incredibly long, stretching around the outside of more than one department store. Some people are unemployed, but others are looking for another job because their hours have recently been cut at their current jobs. They hope to apply for some 1,200 new jobs at CHI USA.

CHI USA has a new factory producing Farouk products such as flat irons and blow dryers in north Houston.

"I'm not working for, like, seven months already," said job seeker Guadalupe Sanchez, who had been waiting in line about three hours. "It's been too long. We don't know what to do now. (We've) already made applications everywhere and we can't find nothing."

John Provost, who's been without a job for about a month, said, "I'm unemployed right now. I'm looking for work, so that's why I'm out here."

"I'm a hard worker and I already have a job, but man, we're looking for better work," explained job seeker Wesley Franks. "Only getting 20 hours a week now, and things are rough."

Farouk Systems is trying to get water to those waiting in line. There have been no problems reported so far.

A shuttle is taking job applicants to see the new factory. Entertainment and food are available at the factory site.

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