Dozens of high price suits stolen

HOUSTON It happened at Festari on Post Oak and was all captured on surveillance video.

There are big gaping holes where suits used to be. Dozens of suites were grabbed and stolen by two men. Rudy Festari is horrified and much more by the images captured by his surveillance cameras.

"It does make me angry because we do work hard to do what we do as a small family-owned business," he said.

A huge rock was seen being thrown, smashing the entire front glass door. Then, two men ran inside past expensive jewelry and past expensive shirts and straight to the high dollar suits.

"It was basically beat the clock," said Festari. "They were in and out half a dozen times in about 48 seconds and each one of them grabbed about 15 suits, roughly about 60 suits.'

According to Houston police, the crime happened just after 2am. While the property does have 24 hour security guards, they patrol the entire area, something police say the criminals took advantage of.

Houston police say the security guard called 911 but did not get a good description. Festari's surveillance video is considered a big help in finding the criminals.

While the lights were on inside the store, the outside light were not, something the property owner says he's changing now.

"We're going to increase our security," said property owner Ed Wulfe. "We're gonna encourage Uptown to increase their security. We're going to increase the lighting to make it much more visible.'

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