Tape released from alleged McDonald's assault

RICHMOND, TX For the past two weeks, there's been an investigation into a bizarre incident at that McDonald's in Richmond. A 20-year-old customer charged he was groped and bitten by two female workers. On Tuesday, the sheriff's office released the video that shows something happened.

On July 13, Raymond Smith claimed he got extra service he never requested at his neighborhood McDonald's.

"They threw caramel syrup on my pants," Smith said.

Smith said he was groped by two female workers, one a shift manager. He says he was bitten and propositioned.

"Like, 'I want to have sex with you'," he said.

And there is proof that something highly unusual happened. Video surveillance from the restaurant was released Tuesday by the Ft. Bend Sheriff's Office, plus witness statements as well.

"It is unusual, but, like I said, I have never seen a misdemeanor case receive this much hype," said Ft. Bend County Chief Deputy Craig Brady.

The video shows Smith sitting at a table with a woman said to be an employee. Both are eating. Then they're joined by a second woman, also a worker. A few moments later, she gets up, rubbing something on her clothes. She then takes him by the hand and leads him to a restroom. He emerges a few seconds later.

After that, the encounter escalates. One woman puts her arms around Smith. The other woman does the same. What happens to him, such as the bites he says he received, is blocked from view.

Finally as a customer walks into view, the employees let go of Smith.

Chief Deputy Brady, reading a witness statement, said, "I still thought they knew him, so I didn't pay much attention to that. And then he was like, 'You know, get off me' and then they were all laughing."

Smith said the two employees went to his unlocked car, taking CDs and coins, both of which were later recovered from them by detectives. The women were fired from the restaurant last week. The district attorney will decide if any charges are to be filed. At this point, the sheriff's office says its investigation is over.

"This is the most thoroughly investigated misdemeanor case I've ever seen in 30 years of law enforcement, period," said Chief Deputy Brady.

We attempted to talk to Barbara Jones, the mother of Raymond Smith, who has been speaking on her son's behalf. We wanted her reaction to the video released Tuesday. So far, our phone calls have not been returned.

The sheriff's office is asking anyone else who may have been at the restaurant that night call investigators at 281-341-4686.

During Tuesday's news conference, Chief Deputy Brady criticized KTRK's coverage of this incident.

"I think this is a case that has been blown way out of proportion," he said. "It started by the initial contact with Channel 13. I was misquoted grossly by Channel 13. I have never intentionally said I don't believe I've said it at all, that I thought that the young man made this whole incident up. The only thing I ever said anywhere close to that was that I believed it was an exaggeration on the extent of the injury. And I stand by that statement.

On Tuesday afternoon, KTRK station Spokesperson Tom Ash released this statement: 'We stand by our reports.'

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