Ex-deputy reportedly shoots would-be burglar

HOUSTON Authorities believe the seven-year-old girl was the suspect's own daughter. Deputies told Eyewitness News the attempted burglary happened around 2:40pm. The man broke a window at the patio door of a ground level apartment to get inside.

Authorities say the ex-deputy was in his bedroom when he heard the commotion. When he looked out, he reportedly saw the suspect in his living room holding a computer. That's when the ex-deputy grabbed his gun and fired three shots.

The suspect fled and jumped in his vehicle, then drove himself to nearby North Cypress Hospital, where he was later arrested. It's there authorities learned of the seven-year-old girl believed to be the suspect's daughter.

The girl tipped off authorities to a bag the suspect reportedly threw out of the vehicle. That bag contained a list of apartments in the complex that he allegedly was intending to rob.

One witness who heard the shots said she never would have imagined something like this happening so close to home.

"That's really scary," said resident Shonda Gladney. "You can't even make a nice, decent living for yourself and be at home without someone trying to come in and take your property. That's very scary."

Authorities have not identified the suspect, but they say he is a 41 or 42 year old man. In addition to possible attempted burglary charges, he could also face charges for bringing the little girl along.

The girl is reportedly in good condition. She is being cared for by deputies at the hospital. The suspect was taken into surgery, but he is expected to survive. The homeowner is uninjured.

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