Man fights back against would-be carjacker

HOUSTON It happened at Corona near Wilcrest around 7am. Police tell us the man was sitting in his car in front of his house, waiting to take his wife and daughter to the airport. He opened his door when he says a teenager approached him, put a knife to his throat and wanted take his car.

Instead, that 74-year-old pulled out his own weapon that he kept in a grocery bag on the passenger seat of his car and shot the teenager twice in the chest. That teenager ran across the street bleeding and made his way into a neighbor's home. He ran through the house and tried to get out the back door. It turns out there wasn't a back door and he woke up the homeowners, who were asleep inside.

"The guy ran through the kitchen and tried to break the glass with a hand," said homeowner Jorge Ramos. "He couldn't do it so the guy carried the chair and broke it up."

The teenager then ran through the window. He managed to make it a couple of blocks away through some yards and eventually passed out near Wilcrest.

An ambulance took the wounded suspect to a nearby hospital. We don't know his condition at this time.

The 74-year-old man was taken to the Westside police station, where police are interviewing him. Authorities say they don't expect to file any charges.

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