Shooting at TSU campus may be gang-related

HOUSTON There were multiple shootings scenes between 8pm and 9pm The first shooting happened in the parking lot of the TSU stadium on campus. The others were nearby, just off campus on Tierwester between Cleburne and Alabama.

Witnesses told police that one car drove by and opened fire on the parking lot where a popular Houston rapper was promoting community service and voter registration, TSU spokeswoman Eva Pickens said.

Among the rally participants was Houston City Councilman Peter Brown, who is running for mayor in November's election.

Lucinda Guinn, who manages Brown's mayoral campaign, said the rally -- billed as a "family block party" -- included a concert by rapper Trae the Truth and featured participants such as Brown and U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. Guinn said she had no details on the shootings, but was dismayed that "an effort for bringing a very positive message to the community" would end in violence.

Witness Peter Role described what he saw.

"We just saw a little commotion over here to the left of me and before you know it you heard some gunshots, and everybody was hitting the ground," he said.

The wounds of the people who were shot are not considered life-threatening. The victims' ages range from 14 to 21.

TSU officials believe the shootings are gang-related, involving gangs from Missouri City and Fresno. HPD has now taken over the investigation.

The suspect or suspects remain at large.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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