Driver loses control, slams into home

July 20, 2009 3:04:34 PM PDT
There was a rude awakening for a man in north Houston. An SUV crashed into his home, knocking him out of bed while he was sleeping. Now he's trying to make sense of it all.The vehicle slammed into his house off the Hardy Toll Road near Regena in north Houston Sunday. Juan Biruede and his two sons moved into the home just a couple of months ago.

"I wake up very scared," said Juan.

He never imagined a car would turn things upside down. The accident happened around 3am as his son, Bruce, worked on the computer.

"I was on the computer right there and was sitting in a chair," said Bruce.

"I had the truck here in my back. That's all I remember," said Juan.

Police say the driver of a small SUV lost control, crashing through utility wires and right into the home. Investigators say the driver claims she was swerving to miss some dogs in the road.

Juan was left with some cuts and scratches on his face and head. He credits his son's screams for startling him. He may have moved just enough to save his life.

"He could be in the hospital or not even with us right now," said Bruce.

"I'm very lucky I'm alive. I'm born again," said Juan.

No word yet on what charges or citations the driver of the SUV may face.

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