Deputy says student's claims are false

HOUSTON Fort Bend County's chief deputy now says he doesn't believe the student's claim of abuse, while the student's mother says what is going on is not fair.

The student's mother in this story often has to deal with conflict because she is a human resource professional. She also served on a Ft. Bend County jury last year, but this time it's personal.

"It has gone from bad to worse," said Barbara Jones.

That's how Jones describes life since Monday night when her son, Raymond Smith, 20, went to a McDonald's restaurant and instead of a snack, he claims two female employees assaulted him. He said they threw food, tried to fondle him sexually and more.

"They got behind me and one was biting me. The shift manager actually bit me. I had to go to the doctor," said Smith.

He went to a nearby emergency room for treatment. There is a photograph of the area he said was bitten.

From the start, Smith and Jones claim Ft. Bend County deputies seemed not to take the case seriously, but on Wednesday Chief Deputy Craig Brady contacted Eyewitness News and emphasized the case was not a sexual assault.

Chief Deputy Brady went on to say, "I think this is just an attempt by the family to get some money out of McDonalds. If you look underneath that bandage on the boy, there is no bite mark. I just think he is making it all up."

Those words have Jones wondering if the roles were reversed.

"If my daughter had said the same thing, I think they would have taken it a little more seriously. Or if it was my son who had gone in there and bit one of the employees or groped them inappropriately, it would have been different," said Jones.

We were told deputies recovered some of Raymond Smith's property from one of the McDonald's employees. Smith says the two women got in his car and took CDs and other items. No charges have been filed.

We are also told that an offer has been made by a representative for the family to have Smith take a lie detector test to further his claim that he was assaulted.

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