High-speed chase ends in arrest

HOUSTON The suspect was arrested and taken to south central command. He has been identified as Michael Jones, 51, who ran a stop sign at Scott and Drew then led police on a wild chase.

Jones jumped on I-10 West, then headed south on the Gulf Freeway. We counted at least 22 police officers trailing the suspect. At the Belt and I-45, Clear Lake Police laid down spikes which slowed the vehicle, but the suspect didn't stop.

After driving on his rims, the vehicle literally jumped onto the median and started driving backwards down I-45.

A short distance later, authorities took him out of the vehicle after it came to a stop on I-45 and Clear Lake City Blvd. We are told that the suspect did put up a fight, but was taken into custody.

During the chase, police told us several articles were thrown out of vehicle. It is unclear if one of those items was a weapon.

Police told us one civilian vehicle was struck but no reported injuries. They do not know if vehicle he was in was stolen.

The suspect likely faces a felony evading charge. If he would have pulled over for running the stop sign, it would have only been a Class C Misdemeanor.

Another interesting aspect to this chase, we are told crews for the hit TV show "Cops" were riding along with this police unit during the chase.

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