Fly for cheap during price war

HOUSTON A flight to Dallas for $30 dollars, or $100 to New York? Those are just some of the deals, but to get in on a few of the sales you have to book before midnight.

The airfare price war started too late for Carol Reed's granddaughter who is about to get on a one way flight to Salt Lake City.

"I said, 'No, my goodness, they are having [an] airfare war now,' and it is too late and they just got those tickets a week ago," Reed said.

But, fare cuts could mean the return one-way ticket could be less than $100.

"Well, that's great, she could take more trips," Reed said. "You could if it was that cheap. I'd go someplace."

The fare war was started by Southwest Airlines selling tickets for $30 one-way if you travel less than 400 miles.

The cost is $60 if you travel up to 750 miles and just $90 for longer trips.

You have to travel between September 9th and November 18th.

To get the best Southwest deal you have to act fast, because the sale ends at midnight.

After Southwest announced its price drop, other airlines followed suit.

The sale dates and prices vary from carrier to carrier.

"You can get to most places for around $99 each way," Travel Leaders agent Mike Weingart said.

It's important to remember many of the sale prices are for one-way tickets, so the actual fare will be double if you buy a round trip ticket.

To take advantage of the sale, Weingart says travelers should pick their city first then see which airlines offer the best deals. But, remember each carrier will have different rules.

"There are a lot of variables, like some specials are in August, some are September," he said. "Most are not good on Friday or Sunday, the most popular days to travel."

Direct flights may not be possible for some travel, but Continental is offering non-stop flights to New York for just over $200 round trip.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the fares generally do not include the taxes and fees. Those can add another $30 to the cost of a one way ticket, so keep that in mind when booking a flight.

What's behind the fare war? The economy certainly is playing a roll. Some travel agents say there are fewer people taking to the skies right now and a fare cut is a way to get travelers back in the air.

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