Father accused of going too far with punishment

TEXAS CITY, TX Investigators say Ira Danner, 48, put a tow chain around the boy's neck and put a padlock on it. And it wasn't the first time the father had trouble with his son.

Texas City police say they were called to the home and found the 15-year-old son with the chain still around him with a lock on it. The teen had also been maced. Now, the father faces assault charges.

Tim Danner lives iwth his brother, Ira, and family and says he is embarrassed by what happened Saturday.

"He never wanted to hurt him," said Tim.

Police say Ira placed a chain with a vinyl coating around his teenage son's neck to discipline him. Officers estimate the chain weighed at least fifteen pounds.

"A 15-year-old going on 25. It's one of them issues. He thinks he knows what he's doing, but he doesn't," said Tim.

Investigators say after being maced in the garage, the teen then ran into the home where there was another confrontation and he was maced again, before running to get help from neighbors.

"We got there, found him, and medical attention was the first priority. The chain was right here clasped with a combination lock," said Captain Brian Goetschius of the Texas City Police Department.

Captain Goetschius says the father admitted to placing the chain on the teen, saying he was frustrated with the boy not complying with family rules and claims he snapped.

"Oh, this was the most bizarre and unusual form of discipline that probably we've seen," said Capt. Goetschius.

The father gave officers the combination to the lock. The teen is doing OK.

"My brother is pretty remorseful over what he did. It's just an isolated incident," said Tim.

Police say they had been to the house once before, a week ago, but officers just gave a warning.

"I don't think it's going to happen again," said Tim. "I know it won't happen again."

Ira Danner faces Class A assault charges and stands accused of family violence. Police say CPS has already made a visit to the home and is working with the family. There are two more children in the home.

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