Alleged pay-for-urine scheme exposed

HOUSTON Prosecutors say the employee was taking money to falsify drug tests, and they caught him in the act.

For the past five years, Jorge Campble has worked at the pretrial services department inside the Harris County Courthouse. His daily job was to monitor defendants as they submitted to random drug testing in a courthouse bathroom.

But investigators say he offered LaFrank Allen something more -- drug-free urine for a fee.

"Over the course of five or six transactions between our defendant and our witness, he would provide a payment, and our defendant would provide his own personal urine that was tested," said Harris County investigator Micah Webb.

Investigators were tipped off by Allen's mother, so they then asked him to participate in a sting. Wearing a wire, Allen went for a drug test and watched as Campble allegedly swapped out his own urine and took 100 bucks in payment.

"When he was arrested Thursday morning, a portion of the marked money that was sent in was found in his possession," said Assistant Harris County District Attorney Jennifer Devine.

The arrest sent shockwaves through the courthouse.

"I would say his co-workers were shocked and feel betrayed," said Carol Oeller, who is Campble's supervisor.

Oeller says in her 30 years at the county, she's never had an employee accused of providing clean urine for pay.

"I don't know if there's anything more disheartening that an employee who was violating the law when they're suppose to be upholding it," said Oeller.

Campble has been suspended and his resignation has been asked for. He remains in the Harris County Jail and is charged with bribery and tampering with evidence. Investigators say they want to hear from anyone who may have paid bribes or was asked to pay bribes to Campble.

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