Ten best buys for under $10!

HOUSTON Creating the perfect look for her clients is what professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician Janice Prevost does every day. Prevost has worked with nearly every cosmetic brand out there and even has her own line.

Prevost says "the pros" always start with a good daily moisturizer, and for $7.50, she says you can't beat Olay Complete with SPF 15.

For a light, breathable foundation she likes Revlon's ColorStay makeup with SPF 6/12. It costs just $10, and comes in shades to flatter every ethnicity.

Prevost says it gives "a good department store look and a nice finish."

Product tester Linsey Hasenbank was stunned.

"It looks flawless to me," she said.

Her fellow product tester Sonia Sonier agreed.

"It's very light," she said. "I feel like I don't have any makeup at all."

One money-saving makeup tip is to apply foundation with a brush instead of with a sponge or with fingertips, as it uses less of the product and will look better.

A good translucent powder locks in the look, and for just $9, Prevost says True Match powder by L'Oreal rivals department store brands that cost three or four times as much.

"It automatically blends into the foundation and brings out the client's natural complexion," Prevost said.

For a sun-kissed look, a bronzer is a safe alternative to tanning. Rimmel of London's is just over $4. Prevost says it is a gorgeous glow and a great deal.

"I was very surprised at the price of this bronzer because it has natural minerals, and minerals can be really, really pricey," she said.

Hasenbank gave it a good review.

"It doesn't look fake," she said.

And for the finishing touch Prevost loves Max Factor Lipfinity 3D Maxwear Lipcolor. At just $9.50, the testers were over the moon for this product.

Product tester Carrie Pillsbury said, "I think I am going to get the lip gloss and the lipstick! Yeah!"

Sonier was of the same sentiment.

"I'm definitely surprised to know that it's at an affordable price at a drug store," she said.

And since it is longwearing, it is not necessary to constantly reapply and waste the product.

Almost all women want longer, thicker eye lashes, but many department store mascaras are expensive.

Prevost says it is possible to lengthen and thicken lashes for a lot less with Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Very Black.

At under $5, she says it pumps up even the tiniest lashes.

"Go on a photo shoot, on a set, backstage at a catwalk, you will always see the pink and green Maybelline mascara in the makeup artists' kits," she said.

Hasenbank was thrilled with the results.

"I've been fooled before to buy something from a high-end store that's supposed to be so great and I never like it, so I'm excited," she said.

Because mascara goes bad, many women buy at least four each year. At $24 a tube for many brands, that's $96, whereas purchasing Maybelline instead would be $18 to $78 less.

Prevost's next beauty bargain is Neutrogena eye shadow. Quads cost just under $9 and duos are less than $8.

"The colors are vibrant," Prevost said. "They stay on. They adhere to the skin very well."

Sonier was happy with the product.

"I would expect to pay a lot for this color," she said.

Pillsbury concurred.

"I think the price point first of all was impressive," she said. "And I like the colors."

To really bring out cheekbones, Prevost recommends Iman contouring blush. It's just under $11. The line was designed for women of color, but she says it's flattering on every skin tone.

"The blush is for every complexion," she said.

Sonier was ecstatic with the outcome.

"I would definitely recommend this blush!" she said.

Another good way to save money is to buy products that come in combination packs.

To remove makeup, Prevost uses double packs of Equate facial cleansing wipes. They cost just $6 for a 120 count!

"It takes off all of the makeup, even the toughest mascara," Prevost said.

At home, she recommends Cetaphil daily facial cleanser for $5.50 to cleanse without overdrying.

All of the products Prevost recommends are available at Wal-Mart. Most drug stores also carry many of these products.

Overall, it's easy to save money and still look like a million bucks -- no need to sacrifice beauty during this recession!

To contact Prevost for more beauty advice, visit her website: www.janiceprevost.com.

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