Sting operation yields results

HOUSTON The effort began around 5pm Tuesday. We are told that deputies are concentrating on areas where they know crime exists and that they made several arrests.

From the very start of roll call, Tuesday night's mission was clear.

"We want to be highly visible on the streets. We want to be highly visible in the parks," said Cpl. Robert Avendondo of the Precinct 6 Deputy Constables Office.

Six officers, three uniformed, three undercover hit the streets. Focusing on people and places which they believe are involved in suspicious activity.

"This is one of the areas that we're checking," said one of the deputy constables.

Deputies are paying extremely close attention to so-called boarding houses. There are ten or so on the east end. They may be legal, but potentially attract an unsavory element.

"It's the visitors that come that make it questionable," said one of the deputy constables.

The sting came about following the murders of a store owner and his clerk earlier this month, a crime that is yet to be solved. In the wake of those murders, the constables are vowing zero tolerance.

"You just know that they have been involved in questionable conduct," said Harris Co. Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino.

However, our legal expert warns about going too far.

"You got to be careful. There's a balance between checking on crime and violating people's civil rights," said KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy.

The constable said his efforts are not punishing law-abiding citizens, but to protect them. Some see that as an effort they can support.

"It needs to make a difference because we have kids out here. Maybe it'll do something," said resident Georgette Flores.

The daughter of one of the victim's in that double-murder released a statement that read: "Solving crimes will ensure that criminals will think twice before infringing upon the law and disturbing the tranquility of our community, especially if there is a higher percentage of criminals being brought to justice."

The effort continued until 1am Wednesday morning.

If you can help authorities solve the double murder of the clerk and the customer, police ask you to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS or log on to There is a $5,000 cash reward.

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