Faulty AC units in Conroe neighborhood

HOUSTON Some residents in the Summerset Estates subdivision contacted Eyewitness News after repeated problems with their air conditioning units. They've even set up a petition, hoping the strength of numbers will get them some help.

Homes in the Summerset Estates neighborhood are all built in the same style and have the same Goodman air conditioning units. Some residents said they just don't work.

At Kevin Simon's house, the air conditioner is running, but the thermostat inside reads 81 degrees.

"This is what my air conditioning is set on now and it's been running all day," said Simon.

Inside his bedroom, even with the shades shut and the fans blowing, it's even worse.

"I'd probably say it's about 87 degrees," said Simon.

This is nothing new for Simon. He said ever since he moved his family to Summerset Estates back in 2003, he's had consistent problems keeping his home cool.

Simon told us he first turned to his home builder, LGI. However, after about seven repairs to his Goodman A/C unit, two separate air conditioning companies finally told him it was simply a bad product.

So Simon turned his attention to the manufacturer, Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating.

Then Simon started talking to neighbors, whose homes were all built with Goodman units. He found he was hardly alone.

"I was going door to door, and except for a few people, everybody's having problems over and over," said Simon.

In fact, Simon said he wound up with 142 signatures on a petition, all of whom have had repeated problems with their Goodman units. Twenty-seven of those signatures were completely without air conditioning.

Scott Denton told us his Goodman unit has repeatedly shut down, making life miserable for him and his grandchildren.

"That was pretty miserable for those little babies. The inside temperature could reach anywhere up to a 100 degrees if it's 80 degrees out here," said Denton.

We turned to Goodman, a Houston-based company, for answers and and a spokesperson sent us this statement: "Goodman's customer service department has been working directly with the Summerset Estate's homeowners and homeowner's association in this regard and believed that their issues were being addressed. Goodman is disappointed to learn that some homeowners are dissatisfied with these efforts, and it will contact them directly and work with them to respond to their complaints."

Simon said all he wants are some straight answers from Goodman.

"They told me they haven't had any reports of any problems in our subdivision," said Simon.

However, Simon just can't believe that.

When we contacted the Better Business Bureau, the news about this subdivision came as no surprise to them.

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