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Delores Glass takes three different medications prescribed by Dr. Conrad Murray, but not one is for pain management.

"He's ordered prescriptions for my heart, for my sugar, my blood pressure," said Glass. "But no pain pills, no pain pills. I can vouch for that."

Glass is one of several patients of Dr. Murray who spoke to us. All say they had no idea he was treating Michael Jackson, though just last week, Murray told Ransom Craddock that he's going to London this summer, which is where Jackson was to tour.

"He's compassionate with his patients. He's a kind man," said Craddock. "He'd sit down and talk to you and explain to you what's what."

Ruby Mosley and her husband were patients, too. They also considered Dr. Murray a friend. Last year, they helped organize an Acres Homes community gala, where Dr. Murray spoke about the legacy his dad, a prominent physician, left behind.

"He's excellent. If I have to rate him from 1 to 100, I would give that and then some," said Mosley.

None of these patients believe Dr, Murray would inappropriately dispense pills to anyone. They just hope he returns to Houston and takes care of their health soon.

"It hurts me, because I know so many people who he's done good for. So many people in Acres Homes who love him and would vouch for him," said Glass. "And I'm one."

Dr. Murray's father was a prominent physician in Acres Homes for more than 30 years. It was after his death that Dr. Murray decided he wanted to keep his father's legacy going.

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