Jackson doc's lawyer speaks out

HOUSTON [FULL INTERVIEW: See the entire interview ABC13's Andy Cerota conducted with Ed Chernoff, who is representing Dr. Conrad Murray]

From Michael Jackson's alleged addiction to powerful prescription painkillers to accusations that his personal doctor injected the pop star with them before his death, Houston attorney Ed Chernoff is tackling those rumors head on.

Chernoff said, "Dr. Murray never prescribed, never administered Demerol to Michael Jackson that goes as well for OxyContin."

Chernoff accompanied Murray to his three hour interview with LAPD detectives on Saturday. Murray recounted for investigators the performer's final moments and the frantic attempt to save Jackson's life. Chernoff explained while the 50-year-old entertainer wasn't breathing, Murray found a weak pulse and administered CPR.

"He reached around behind his back and put his hand behind his back to support his back and started compressing his chest with the other hand," Chernoff said.

The drama unfolded in Jackson's rented Holmy Hills mansion where Dr. Murray, according to Chernoff, would occasionally spend the night at the singer's request. While they've known each other for three years, Dr. Murray only recently became Jackson's personal physician after he was hired by the promoter in charge of Jackson's upcoming European concert tour. Chernoff insists if Jackson had an addiction, Dr. Murray, who had been giving Jackson prescription drugs, was not aware of it.

Chernoff said, "The way he died would not be explained by the medicines that the doctor had prescribed."

Chernoff says Dr. Murray requested that the Jackson family ask for a second independent autopsy to determine how the king of pop died.

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