Jackson's merchandise flies off shelves

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At around 11am Friday on Amazon.com, the top 15 albums being sold were all Michael Jackson. At a local music store on FM 1960 near Veterans Memorial, they are seeing a similar rush. Everyone is trying to get their hands on any Jackson LPs.

"But I got boxes and boxes to dig through," said Chuck Roast with Vinal Edge Records.

Roast was at work Friday two hours before his record shop opened.

"I knew I better dig around and find any Michael Jackson records I could," he said.

Following news of Jackson's death, the local store was flooded with phone calls. In fact, Roast ran out of Jackson's CDs Thursday night.

"Michael Jackson is such an icon that it was easy to gauge that this was going to be big and it will last for a long time," said Roast.

There was a rush for Michael Jackson requests at local radio stations all morning. Some callers shared their grief.

"It hurt me bad because I was just one of his biggest fans," said one radio show caller.

97.9 The Box dedicated a large part of their morning to the King of Pop, an icon many music lovers say they will never forget.

"We'll never see anything like it ever again. There is no one that will ever be able to sound like him or do the things that he's done and did," said DJ Madd Hatta with 97.9 The Box. "There is no one that could duplicate."

The vinyl of "Thriller" has been reissued for the 25th anniversary of the album. Vinal Edge Records has ordered many of them and they should be in by next week.

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