Local fans mourn 'King of Pop'

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After his death Thursday in Los Angeles, his fans here in Houston are remembering the music icon.

The news spread quickly as people left work downtown Houston. Most expressed shock yet could immediately come up with their favorite Jackson tune.

As the news traveled, fans of Michael Jackson flooded the airwaves of radio stations, like here at Majic 102.1.

"Prayers have to be with the Jackson family," said Majic Program Director and afternoon personality Jeff Harrison.

Harrison answered the calls of many shocked fans.

"People remember Michael Jackson for being the legend that he is. Yeah there were some things later in his career, but I don't think that tarnished his talent," said Harrison.

From the Hard Rock Cafe downtown to Tinsley Park, many remembered Jackson's music accompanying their memories of the past.

"Thriller. I very much remember Thriller and roller skating to Thriller," said Alison Stansbury.

Another Jackson fan, Warren Shepard, said, "He's the king of pop. Everybody liked him growing up."

Erin Ellis also had fond memories of Jackson. "Bad, Thriller, his dance moves. I loved him growing up," she said.

The same goes for Michael Carter. He said, "When he does his thing, he does his thing and put his heart into it and that's what made him different than all the other pop artists."

Some recall the more recent images of bizarre behavior.

"It's so sad because his legacy isn't his music anymore, it's other stuff and I'm sure he had so much anxiety about all of it. I feel really bad," said Ellis.

There is no question about the mark he's left on music.

"This is a void you cannot fill. Michael Jackson defined what music is today in so many genres," said Harrison.

Many people we talked with commented on what a sad day in Hollywood it was with Jackson's death and Farrah Fawcett, too.

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