Dog fight brewing in Ft. Bend County

FT. BEND COUNTY, TX Now they've hired an attorney, hoping to get their dog back.

The drama is unfolding in the Seven Meadows community in Ft. Bend County.

Reagan and Bailey Cordes still enjoy playing outside, but it's just not the same without their favorite playmate, Molly the beagle.

"What do you hope happens?" we asked five-year-old Bailey.

"That she comes back," she answered.

Four weeks ago, Molly escaped from the Cordes' back yard while they were at the local pool. When the family got back, a desperate search began.

"My kids went up and down and knocked on every door," said John Cordes. "We talked to neighbors. I called people who live close."

Molly was found in front of the local middle school, but when the family that found her couldn't find the rightful owners, they gave her away to another family.

When the Cordes family heard that the Wedgewood family found Molly, they made email contact, only to be heartbroken again.

"They gave her to this other lady, and we don't even know who she is," said Cordes.

So we went to the Wedgewoods, trying to find out what happened to Molly.

"The family really just wants the dog back," we told Carmel Wedgewood when we went to her home.

"I'm sure they do," she answered. "If they do, they can just contact me or the owner."

"They say they've already tried to contact you, but you wouldn't give them the address or the name of the new owner," we said. "Would you be willing to do that?"

We received no answer.

The Cordes have no idea who has Molly. They've hired an attorney, but for now, Bailey just hopes Molly comes home.

"It's my favorite dog," she said.

The Cordes family contacted the Ft. Bend County Sheriff's Office, who told them it was a civil case. We called the sheriff's department, who did some research. They called us back Monday afternoon and said this can be considered theft and that if the family wants to, they can file a police report.

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