Judge accused of vandalism back in court

HOUSTON Judge Woody Densen is accused of vandalizing his neighbor's SUV and a grand jury indicted him last week.

At today's hearing, Judge Densen did not say anything but his three attorneys had plenty to say. They were asking the judge in this case to give them permission to examine the vehicle in question.

The prosecutors say there that there is plenty of evidence and they don't need to examine the case. All of this is over the surveillance video provided by Adam Kliebert. The video allegedly shows the judge pausing behind Kliebert's SUV on two separate occasions last month. As a result, Kliebert told prosecutors he got a number of scratches on the back of his SUV, which is the basis for the indictment that was handed down last Friday.

This morning, the judge sided with the prosecutor, saying that there has been plenty of examination of that specific SUV and that he would not grant the defense's motion to have them examined again by a private investigator.

"He didn't just shoot us down. He just didn't think he had jurisdiction to permit us to examine the vehicle, but looking at the vehicle and seeing how deep the scratches were and how many there are and possibly how old they are, could be critical to the lawsuit," said Haynes. "So we need to find out."

This is just the first of many expected legal maneuvers. It's important to note that all three of Densen's attorneys are working for free to defend the judge.

Both sides have also asked for 'do not contact' orders with each other. Those have been granted. So now the two men are not supposed to have anything to do with each other as this case moves forward.

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