Why the weak water?

HOUSTON Many of those complaints are coming from homeowners in parts of west Houston, Katy and areas of Ft. Bend County.

John Brady runs American Lawn and Landscape in west Houston. Recently, he's noticed a gradual decrease in water pressure at his home in Royal Oaks.

"It's hard to take a shower and get out of the shower quickly in the morning," he said. "The kitchen sink sprayer doesn't spray very well."

He measured the water pressure at his home for us.

"The pressure is fluctuating," he said.

Brady says optimally, the gauge should read between 55 and 65 pounds per square inch. When we saw it Friday afternoon, it was at 32. He says earlier in the morning, it was nearly half of that.

Ft. Bend County resident Erling Vamar has similar problems.

"In the morning, the water pressure is very low, especially when you're taking a shower," he said. "Everybody goes to work."

Down tithe street, Ft. Bend County resident Valerie Melloy's son noticed the problem, too.

"It was the sink," she said. "He said he didn't think it was even enough to wash off the dishes with."

A spokeswoman with Southwest Water Company, which services parts of Harris and Ft. Bend Counties, says," Everyone is using more water on these hot days and the system is stressed. That caused one Harris County well to fail and a Ft. Bend County booster to trip."

All of that means less water streaming into some of your homes.

Since our calls to the Southwest Water Company, a lot of residents say the water pressure is looking better. The company says the problem has been fixed, but the water pressure's not all the way back. Residents in the area are being asked to conserve water in the meantime.


The drought like conditions prompted officials to put water restrictions into effect for The Woodlands. The city urges Woodlands residents to voluntarily limit outdoor water activities like filling swimming pools and washing vehicles. Residents with odd number address are urged to water lawns on Wednesdays and Saturdays and those with even address on Thursdays and Sundays. All watering should be done night time hours and completed by 4am.

The Pearland Public Works department has also asked its residents not to water their lawns during the heat of the day. The city urges residents to water lawns in the early morning and late evening.

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