'Sno-ball' fight brewing in Heights

HOUSTON MAM's House of Ice Snoballs is set up in front of the Fiesta store off of Studewood and 14th Street. It set up shop a few weeks ago and has since become the place to be, especially on hot days. While some see it as wonderful addition to what is already an eclectic neighborhood, not everyone is rolling out the welcome mat.

On a blistering hot day, it's as if they are drawn to it.

Customer Linda Davis said, "We were just over here yesterday and back today."

People of all ages, many of whom call this Heights neighborhood home, flock to this small blue and green trailer in search of relief in the form of flavored shaved ice in a cup.

"I love it," raved customer Ted Gregory. "It's just different from anything else."

After quickly becoming a popular destination, MAM's House of Ice Snoballs recently learned its days in the east parking lot of the Fiesta mart on Studewood are numbered.

Neighborhood resident Mansoor Mahmood said, "It's unfortunate that some people feel that this isn't a productive part of our community."

Customers were told that a nearby resident was afraid this business might attract the criminal element and complained to Fiesta. Even though MAM's signed a six month contract with Fiesta, Fiesta is exercising its right to terminate the agreement at any given time.

"There's always one," said resident Nancy Lawrence. "It's a shame that one person has that much power."

Fiesta says it broke the contract with MAM's when its owner failed to respond to Fiesta's request to relocate the trailer to a corner on the west parking lot it deemed safer.

A Fiesta spokesman told Eyewitness News, "Fiesta tried to provide an alternate location to MAM after determining that the initial location was not appropriate. MAM chose to move their business elsewhere."

"It's just crazy," said customer Greg Smith. "They think this is going to draw the criminal element to the neighborhood. They have a lot bigger issues that this."

While for many it is no doubt a sad day, they know their favorite icy treats will be served up again soon, just not here.

We put our exclusive Crime Tracker to work and there was no crime to speak of over the first three months of the year at the intersection where MAM's is. MAM's is moving less than a mile and a half away to 20th and Rutland.

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