FBI: Child porn on accused shooter's computer

WASHINGTON Agents found the material on a desktop computer seized from the Annapolis, Md., apartment where 88-year-old James von Brunn lived with his son and son's fiancee, FBI Special Agent Ronald Farnsworth said in an affidavit filed Wednesday in support of a search warrant. Investigators searched the home last Thursday, taking more than 30 items, including ammunition, computers, thumb drives, CDs, memory cards, cell phones and videos.

Authorities will analyze who had access to the computer to determine whether the pornography was von Brunn's, or if it could have belonged to someone else, prosecutors said. No decisions on charges have been made.

The documents didn't say what form the pornography was in, or how much of it was there.

In separate documents filed on Wednesday, the FBI said it found 35 rounds of .22-caliber ammunition in a search last Thursday of von Brunn's car, which was parked outside of the Washington, D.C., museum during the shooting a day earlier.

Investigators said they also found a notebook in the car with handwritten notes saying, "The Holocaust is a lie. Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do. Jews captured America's money. Jews control the mass media."

Von Brunn faces murder charges in the death of Stephen T. Johns and remains hospitalized after being hit in the face by guards who returned fire.

The FBI has said he is likely to survive. A hearing is set for Monday for an update on his condition. No date has been set for von Brunn's initial court appearance.

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