Dad charged in missing boy's murder

HOUSTON A grand jury has indicted Roderick Fountain, the father of Kendrick Jackson who was only three years old when he disappeared.

Investigators have not found a body, but think they have what it takes to prove he was murdered.

We spoke with a prosecutor who said this case is a culmination of three years of investigation for the Harris County District Attorney's Office, police, and the FBI. They presented the evidence Thursday to a grand jury, who indicted Fountain for felony murder.

It is Roderick Fountain's own words, said authorities, that led to Thursday's indictment of felony murder.

"Part of the evidence will show that he has made admissions to other persons regarding what happened to Kendrick," said prosecutor Connie Spence. "Admissions to other witnesses that will be presented at trial.''

Fountain is the father of Kendrick Jackson, a three-year-old boy who was at the center of a citywide search in 2006. At the time, Fountain called police himself to report Kendrick was missing from Fountain's west Houston apartment complex.

Even with an extensive search by hundreds of volunteers, Kendrick has never been found. The Harris County District Attorney's Office believes Fountain murdered his own son.

When we asked Spence how the state believed Kendrick died, she replied, "From the actions of Mr. Fountain by him striking the child with his bare hands."

Fountain has spent the past two years in federal prison serving time on a firearms possession charge.

Authorities said Kendrick's mother, Keyanna Jackson, now lives in Arlington, Texas. Our attempts to contact her were unsuccessful. However, Spence says Keyanna has been very helpful in the investigation.

"This has always been about Kendrick and Keyanna because that was her baby. I think every day she thinks about that child," said Spence.

As for Fountain, he is serving a 15-year sentence in a federal prison just outside of San Antonio. The next step is for the case to be assigned to a district court.

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