Friends speak on alleged killer

HOUSTON While the man did not live at the place where he shot his children, it's a place he knew well. He had friends at the apartment complex at Fairdale near Fountain View and visited them all the time. Those same friends are the ones who found him and his children in his car and called 911.

The black and gray late-model Lexus was a vehicle a couple of residents at the Inwood Garden Apartments in southwest Houston know well. When they heard three people were inside with gunshot wounds to the head, they rushed over.

"I knocked on the window and then saw all of their heads slumped over," said Eddie Gallardo, a friend of the father.

Another of the father's friends, Manuel De La Paz, said, "They weren't breathing and weren't moving so that's when I called 911."

Houston police confirmed what De La Paz and Gallardo already knew: their friend, Pedro Enrique Rosabal, and his six-year-old boy and eight-year-old daughter were inside the car.

The children were shot to death and Rosabal was transported to Ben Taub Hospital. He is in critical condition with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

His friends said they're at a loss for words and cannot understand what drove Rosabal to such an extreme. However, they were aware he was distraught over his deteriorating marriage.

"We knew he had problems with his wife, but that's about all we knew," said De La Paz.

The friends told us they're also left with another mystery. They said Rosabal always called when he was coming over to hang out, but Tuesday they got no call from him and had no idea he was coming over.

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