Houstonians protest Iran election results

HOUSTON The political unrest in Iran could have a far-reaching impact, even touching Houston's economy.

More than 100 local Iranians poured onto the street near the Galleria at Post Oak and Westheimer. Their message is clear: they said Iran's recent presidential election is a fraud and they want incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad out of office.

"Mousavi lost his hometown to Ahmadinejad. That's like Obama losing in Chicago to McCain. It just doesn't make sense," said protest organizer Reza.

Reza, 29, is one of the students who helped organize the protest on Facebook. Many showed up because of the social networking site.

"The Iranian people need to be heard, especially in Iran. They don't really protest and every time they do, they get in trouble for it. Finally the whole country is coming together and making a point. That's what helps," said protester Atessa Baranzadeh.

All of these people are lining the streets to speak up for Iranians inside the country who don't have a voice.

"They kicked all the media out of Iran. There's no media to report their voice. This is our responsibility to show the world what's going on over there," said Ima Moradi.

University of Houston Political Science Professor and KTRK Political Analyst Dr. Richard Murray stressed the importance of a stable Iran for Americans and Houstonians.

"Some resolution of this crisis on a peaceful basis would drive energy prices down. An escalation of the crisis would lead to higher prices at the pump," said Dr. Richard Murray,

We talked with many Iranian-Americans who tried to vote by absentee ballot here in Houston, but couldn't because polling places ran out of ballots. It's much like what happened inside Iran and now those people are questioning whether their rights have been denied.

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