Victim's family wants killer to pay up

HOUSTON Barry Crawford was sentenced to 10 years probation for the murder of Steven Hardin in 1998. Crawford shot Hardin when Hardin tried to tow his pickup.

The family says they want what the court ordered. They want restitution and they want the terms of the probation to be followed.

For Tonya Hardin, the question is simple.

"Where is the justice for my brother's death?" she asked.

Hardin has spent nearly 11 years fighting to make sure court-ordered restitution and probation terms are obeyed by Crawford.

Tonya said, "I lost my brother, but I gained a murderer in my family."

Crawford at the time was a Houston firefighter who was convicted of murder for the 1998 shooting death of Steven Hardin. Hardin was a wrecker driver repossessing Crawford's car. Crawford shot and killed Hardin. Crawford was sentenced to 10 years probation and ordered to pay $412 a month in restitution, including child support for Hardin's two children.

"Over the last 11 years, we've seen this man come to my brother's gravesite laughing, throwing flowers down, talking on his cell phone, carrying a sign," Tonya said. "He shows no remorse. He's never apologized. He said he will never apologize for what he has done."

In the terms of probation, there is no court ordered apology. However, that is something the family says they would appreciate. But in the case of the court-ordered restitution and child support, family members say more than $12,000 is owed to them that has not been paid. This family plans to go to court to try to get the matter settled.

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